Personal Parade: A Cinematic Journey of Soul and Swim in Costa Brava

In a kaleidoscope of colour and creativity, Personal Parade, the pioneering Ukrainian brand, spotlights individuality and self-expression with its newest season. This collection, designed to resonate with both the inner and outer you, celebrates the beauty of uniqueness and encourages a playful spirit. The brand’s motto, “You don’t need a holiday to have a parade,” perfectly captures its ethos of finding joy in every moment.

This season unfolds through a soulful short series helmed by the visionary director, Harrison Sheehan. Set against the sun-drenched backdrop of Costa Brava, Catalonia, the narrative explores a dreamy summer romance. Sheehan reflects on his creative journey:

“The bold, vibrant, and unapologetic designs were right at home in my work. I started using their pieces in my photos, and soon after, I was honored to continue the spirit of my project as a guest creative director in this campaign. I saw sun-soaked mischief and unexpected connections in this collection… like a nostalgic Mediterranean summer movie. So, I decided to craft it like a movie trailer.”

The series raises an evocative question: “Is it ok to want more when you, seemingly, already have everything?” Personal Parade answers with a resounding “YES.” Embodying the brand’s core values, the series encourages viewers to delve into their emotions and perceptions, embracing their true selves. In a world rife with judgment, Personal Parade urges us to release our reservations:

“All of this — is me — with my feelings, choices and desires. I see them, and I accept them, in myself and others.”

Why Costa Brava? It’s about honesty. Summer romances, fleeting and unburdened by future worries, allow us to live authentically, embracing freedom and pursuing long-held dreams.

Personal Parade artfully entwines this profound message with cinematic storytelling. Transcending labels, the brand emerges as a platform for inspiration, urging us to bypass judgment and embrace authenticity.

The campaign’s vibrant and inclusive underwear is more than just attire—it embellishes the personal moments of its characters. In this sunlit saga, a simple conversation captures the essence:

“How’d you end up over here?
I don’t know. Just got lucky I guess.
Me too.”

Where luck favours, seize the moment. Above all, be true to yourself.


Director: Harrison Sheehan
Cinematographer: Alberto S. Muñoz focus
Puller: Maite Jiménez
Gaffer: Ferran Iglesias
Music: Bill Waters
Talents: Andriy Khylevych, Mihael Belilov, Harrison Sheehan
Line producer: Kristina Liuta
Style: Ira Lan
Photos: Serhii Vasyliev
Photos films: Yulia Podolskaya

Personal Parade website | Personal Parade Instagram