A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Creative Direction and Fashion Styling by SiYu (Victoria) Zhong. Photography by Boyang Hu. Model is Lauren Nguyen signed at Supreme Management. Make up by Willie Huang. Hair by Yu Nakata. Brands are Jacob Lee, Giorgia Maya Firenze, Charles & Ron, Saint Laurent, Machete, Cecilie Bahnsen, Misbhv, Solomeina, Morphine Fashion, Freelance, Steve Madden, Lada Legina, Labucq, G-O-D-A, adidas, IZA BY SILVIA D’AVILA, Galferdexign, and MIKAGE SHIN. 

SiYu (Victoria) Zhong was inspired by her dream. She dreams a lot, almost every day. Sometimes, when she opened her eyes, she would be afraid, because she was glad that it was just a dream, not a real one. Sometimes, she would aftertaste, because it was a warm and happy dream. Sometimes she doesn’t remember the content of the dream, but sometimes she will remember it very clearly. Then she will record the dream that impresses her deeply. The most amazing thing is the dream of a dream. When she opened her eyes, she was still in a dream. She didn’t realize it was a reality until she opened her eyes for the second time.

Creative Direction and Fashion Styling by SiYu (Victoria) Zhong / /
Instagram: @siyu_zhong_33
Photography by Boyang Hu / / Instagram: @boyang_h
Model is Lauren Nguyen signed at Supreme Management / Instagram: @laurensicle @suprememgmt
Make up by Willie Huang / / Instagram: @willieh.mua
Hair by Yu Nakata / Instagram: @yunkt
Photography Assistant Instagram: @anstudionyc

SiYu (Victoria) Zhong is a freelance fashion stylist and creative director. She’s from Xinjiang, China. She studied BFA Fashion Styling major at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and graduated in fall 2020. After three months of internship in V magazine in New York, she has now returned to China. Her aesthetic focuses on storytelling, layering, silhouette and colour-story. She produced and directed most of her photoshoot. She likes to combine fashion, lighting, props and shooting concepts to tell a story.