Photo Diary: BAYLI

New York artist and provocateur BAYLI celebrated the release of her debut EP stories from new york at iconic LA queer club night Heav3n, capturing the whole night on film. BAYLI first made waves in 2016 as the frontwoman of the genre-blending band The Skins, where her infectious melodies and signature songwriting were cultivated under the mentorship of music guru Rick Rubin. Now an independent artist, BAYLI’s musical output is as equally pop as it is R&B, rock, & punk, all delivered with a fierce stylish edge and unabashed confidence. Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC is her lifeblood, inspiring her fearless take on what it means to be an artist in the 21st century.

“I didn’t know what to expect before arriving to Heav3n! It was my first show in 2 years and since covid had taken over the globe. I had a lot of anxiety and pretty serious rehearsals leading up to the show day and I felt like a cannon ready to explode. I just wanted to have a great show and honestly see how it would feel to perform again. 

 I hung out in the outdoor smoker’s area of the venue and drank water and hoped that my nerves would go away before showtime. They didn’t. 

The show started off a bit rocky with some technical difficulties and a mic cable that was way too short but the crowd gave me SO much love. By my second song “Sushi For Breakfast” I had the crowd jumping up and down with their hands high in the sky. I didn’t realize that anyone actually knew the lyrics of any of my songs until my set was over and Brendan Jordan sang a line from the second verse from “Sushi” and I started seeing people from the audience tag me in Instagram stories, singing along with me as they watched me perform. It’s the craziest and best feeling in the world.” 

“After the show I took so many photos and talked with and met so many people that I didn’t have time for a single drink! I got home around 2am that night and finished packing for my flight back home to New York City the next morning. What a cool life!  

Shoutout to HEAV3N for hosting such an incredible night and to all the new friends and fans I met that night. Thank you for saying hi!”