Piero Trevisan by Xavier Murillon

Xavier Murillon is a 24-year-old French photographer and actor based in Paris. His photographic work is very influenced by his theater and cinema background, Murillon focuses on emotion and movement to tell stories with and of the people he photographs. “Piero is an Italian gymnast from Venice, we met through social media and I asked if he was willing to model for a few portraits. He said it was his first time modeling but that he was willing to try.”

“I have worked with many first-timers in front of the camera and I enjoy the process a lot, it keeps me on my toes and I can really see through everyone’s shell and capture the moment when it disappears a little. Keeping movement and incorporating gymnastic aspects to the posing was at the core of this shoot, to best showcase the contrast between strength and fluidity that I perceived while talking with Piero. ”


Photography by Xavier Murillon
Instagram @xavier.murillon
Model is Piero Trevisan
Instagram @piero3vi