Pinhal by Curls

A KALTBLUT exclusive featuring one of our fave designer Alexandra Moura. Photography by Curls. Styled by Molly Peachey-Pape. Model is Nadja Barbosa. Hair by Vero Jacobs.

“My name is Curls, I’m a photographer and art director from African descent, currently based in London. Molly is a London based stylist, and we travelled together to Portugal in the hopes of shooting a fashion editorial featuring local Lisbon designers. Molly introduced me to Alexandra Moura’s work and the rest just fell into place. When you put great creative talent together, you get something that feels magical to all parties involved. We wanted to show a different perspective of what Portuguese fashion can look like, by integrating a model who originates from two of Portugal’s ex-colonies: Cape Verde and Guinée-Bissau. Being from that same background, I take a lot of pride bringing these images forward on this platform, as I see it as a staple of black youth engaging with the western fashion world.”

Photography by Curls / / Instagram: @shotbycurls
Styled by Molly Peachey-Pape / / Instagram: @mollypeacheypape
Model is Nadja Barbosa / Instagram: @nadja_bosa
Hair by Vero Jacobs / / Instagram: @verojacobs

Fashion Brand / Designer is Alexandra Moura @alexandra.moura