Poesía Moderna

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Diego M. Leonardi. The model is Franco Bauducco signed at Civiles. Styling by Florencia Tevez. Designer by Jo Vera.

“My name is Diego Leonardi, a fashion photographer in Argentina. I like to think that it is when one is really relaxed, everything goes smoothly. I am ambitious at work and not easy to feel pleased. I take a shot that I love and after a couple of days I want to move on. What really motivates me is the fact that I can keep evolving.”

Photography by Diego M. Leonardi / Instagram: @diego.mleonardi
Model is Franco Bauducco signed at Civiles / Instagram: @francoeshonesto at @civiles
Styling by Florencia Tevez / Instagram: @florrrrtz
Designer is Jo Vera / Instagram: @jo.vera