POPAGANDA by Guus Damhuis

A KALTBLUT EXCLUSIVE. Creative director Guus Damhuis teamed up with photographer Loes de Boer to create this funky editorial. Popaganda is a photo series where young people pay tribute to a few of the most influential icons of pop culture. Models are Jip van Zutphen, Jonne Drost, Vince, Naomi Dimeo, Jasmin Hoek, Vince van Rossum, Hannes Schievink, and Luna van Herwijnen did Hair & Make-up.
‘Pop Culture and its icons inspire us every day. A lot of celebrities contribute or contributed to a better, modern world in their own unique way. They strive for progress and fight for freedom, equality, and peace. Similar to propaganda in de 20th century, people are unconsciously impacted by these icons. Telling a story and changing peoples minds through strong messages and actions. Often we don’t even notice the impact these figures can have on us. We all feel connected looking up to strong role models in music, sports, fashion, and politics. So, ‘I couldn’t help but wonder; is pop culture modern propaganda?’

Creative Direction & Styling Guus Damhuis
Instagram: @goguus
Photography Loes de Boer @loes.deboer
Hair & Make-up Luna van Herwijnen
Instagram: @lunagaial
Production assistant @casperboon
Jip van Zutphen @jipvanzutphen
Jonne Drost @jonne.drost
Vince @radiohoofdpijn
Naomi Dimeo @naomi_dimeo
Agency Naomi: Let it Go mgmt @letitgomgmt
Jasmin Hoek @jasminhoek
Hannes Schievink @hannesschievink
Vince van Rossum