Portfolio: Harakirina! “The intimacy of my bedroom and my body.”

Harak Iria Onieva was born in Vigo, Galicia, Spain, where she spent his childhood living  in different Spanish and European cities where alternates worked and artists were drawn to. Harak currently lives in Barcelona which continues to develop her creative process. 

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” The engine of my work is fueled by my own processes of life, which pierce through my  singular and collective experiences that I capture in my pictures. I play around with different identities of transgressive femininity and those concepts around my sexuality that conform my own trajectory.


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My pictures lack conscious intentionality in the beginning, they get elaborated as I perfect my occupation and they burst in a moment of inspirational spark. This is created by an impulse shot in my creative space which is mostly my bedroom, used as a personal hiding place where I am my own model: naughty at times, often nostalgic and always irreverent. Following a set of original aesthetic and expressionist criteria, I recreate either  gloomy environments inhabited by melancholy or colorful scenes filled with my attitude, which always  share the intimacy of my bedroom and my body.”



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  • Vaya cañon de mujer made in galiza… Me encantan los outfits.
    Que tiemble la pedorra de sita abellan.

  • Harakirina says:

    Hola, me alegró que te guste mi trabajo, pero sinceramente la forma en la que te expresas no me gusta nada,se puede hablar desde el respeto, sin faltar a nadie,además que las comparaciones son odiosas, y no tiene nada que ver una cosa con la otra, yo respeto y me gusta lo que hace Sita, no entiendo este tipo de comentarios ,no me gustan y no los comparto ….

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