Poseidon’s Mistress

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer DeMarcus Allen captured Ira Tafilakou @Fashion Cult Athens and Julien Kowalik @Dimitros Makris for us. He I shot this in Cape Sounio, Greece, at the temple of Poseidon. The story is the “Poseidon’s Mistress”, based on a young god Poseidon who is alone and looking for love. A sea goddess, Ira, comes from the water after hearing the desires of his heart. She spends the day with the young Poseidon and eventually they make love that night. The next morning, she awakens to go back into the sea. Poseidon then awakens to chase her down to the sea, and after an unsuccessful attempt to keep her at Sounio with him, he can only watch as she vanishes back into the sea forever.


Hair/Make-Up: Giselle Karounis @ D-Tales Athens
Models: Ira Tafilakou represented by Fashion Cult Athens, Julien Kowalik represented by Dimitros Makris
Photography: DeMarcus Allen www.demarcusallen.com