Post-Pandemic Dream

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography & Retouching by Florine Nijntjes. Art-Direction by Hester Arends. Models are Leon Kingma, Isa Beau van Eembergen signed at Agency De Boekers, Frida van der Wal signed at Agency ThePureMGMT. Styling by Lyanne Wiersema. Muah by Vanessa Christina. Location: Hotel Beijers. Fashion Brands are Makeover Factory, Cos, Bijonsvintage, Zipper, Weekday, Zara, Dickies, Laura Dolls, Daily Paper, Wolford, Komono, Monki, Moonlight Company, Lily Vittani.

“My name is Florine Nijntjes. I’m a photographer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I fell in love with photography in my second year of college studying to be a product-designer. The translation from visual imaging in your head to an actual image is what drew me to photography in the first place, it gives you complete creative freedom and allows you to control every facet.  I try to draw visual inspiration from previous era’s and incorporate this into modern-day images, with the purpose of grasping the value given to these previous times. Post-Pandemic Dream shows a world after the pandemic, while still maintaining its connection to the past. This connection offers comfort and a hopeful look into the future.”

Photography & Retouching by Florine Nijntjes / / Instagram: @florineelise
Art-Direction by Hester Arends / / Instagram: @hesterarends
Styling by Lyanne Wiersema / / Instagram: @lyannewiersema
Muah by Vanessa Christina / Instagram: @vanessachristina_muah
Models are Leon Kingma / Instagram: @leonkingmaatje
Isa Beau van Eembergen signed at Agency De Boekers / Instagram: @isabeauvaneembergen
Frida van der Wal signed at Agency ThePureMGMT / Instagram: @fridamvdw_

Editorial shot at Hotel Beijers / / Instagram: @hotelbeijers