Premiata introduces Drake

Welcome to 2020 with Drake the new style of Premiata´s Sizey collection – an exclusive style that stands in the chunky sneakers’ world. Innovative, high-level design and test meet high-quality fabrics. Available in the Premiata stores, on and in the most prestigious fashionable sneakers retailers.

Drake sneakers are named after the urban dragon. Inspired by this mythological animal, Drake represents a true-to-life breakthrough in the maxi-sneakers’ scenario. Extraordinary and original- it seems that comes from the 90’s comics and, therefore, brings back the style and the imaginary of the basket-ball sneakers from that decade. Its pattern recalls and elevates the features of the Sharky – the first style of the new Sizey collection that has being introduced on the international market.

An audacious composition of the upper and complex joints of the bottom are celebrated on the legendary air system. Thanks to the high-quality production, a sophisticated and extremely light sneaker is showcased in four styles per model in eight different color combinations, from total white to glitter and laminated.