Premiere: AFFKT – ‘Son Of A Thousand Sounds’ EP

We’re excited to premiere ‘Son of a Thousand Sounds’, the sophomore LP from Sincopat’s head-honcho AFFKT. Over the past 9 years, AFFKT – real name, Marc Martinez Nadal – has amassed a prolific and diverse musical résumé. ‘Son of a Thousand Sounds’ sees the talented Spaniard return with a unique and distinctive 12-track aural adventure, fusing together elements of Techno, House, straightforward beats, immersive Pop and Electronica. AFFKT’s penchant for shape-shifting through genres makes him a perfect pick not just for clubbers, but also Indie, Pop and Electronic music enthusiasts. Hit play and read AFFKT’s personal dissection of his impressive LP below.

1. Dreamback
I personally think it’s important to start the album in a very energetic way to capture the listener’s attention. Reminds a bit to the music that Dj Shadow was doing at the end of the 90s.

2. Oxi
This is definitely one of the most complex tracks I ever did, has so many elements and layers that make it rich and colorful. Is the connection with my first album ‘Punto 0’ and also with the early ages sound of AFFKT.

3. San Diego
This is probably the most energetic track on the album. This one was cooked slowly; even not having too many elements, I am personally really proud on the hypnotic and bittersweet main synth.

4. Between Us
It’s an intimate and personal piece of music where silences are as important as the music itself. There are so many influences on this cocktail, a bit of Jazz, soul, classic music, experimental or downtempo.

5. The Show feat. Sutja Gutierrez
‘The Show’ is for me the good vibe made in a song. Is like a roller coaster going up and down. My Soulmate Sutja did an amazing work here; he gave to the track a timeless touch.

6. Ikigai
The delicate ‘Ikigai’ is a really cinematic song, it has a retro futuristic flavour that reminds the 80s movie soundtracks and works like a great nexus between the brightness of ‘The Show’ and the dark ‘Flashcrash’.

7. Flashcrash feat. Sutja Gutierrez
Is an ode of my love for distortion. Collaborations with Sutja always reflect my Pop/indie side like as a producer. Sutja’s voice in this track sounds similar to Brian Molko from Placebo, which I really like.

8. Boira with Upercent
I have enjoyed a lot working with such a great producer like Upercent, he understands the music as anybody else does. Starts with the sounds of a fifty years old music box from my mother, and drives to a hypnotic and deep dream.

9. Someone in the Sky feat. Sutja Gutierrez
The title is ironic. This not a canticle, like most of the tracks of the album combines so many different colours in once. Sutja makes a super great job again with the track and brings the song to a new level.

Childhood memories come to my mind when I listen the track, this was a place where I used to spend so much time when I was a kid. I tried to fuse all this adventures and magic and made them sounds.

Is a crescendo song full of emotion and details that you discover when listening several times, for a while this was the last one but now the last one ‘Esclafit’ works even better.

12.Esclafit with Piek
The last and dynamic track of the album done with my soul mate Piek summarizes the entire album in one song. I really love the feeling of happiness ‘Esclafit’ leaves after listening.

‘Son of a Thousand Sounds’ is out Septemver 23rd via Sincopat, pre-order it here


Artwork by Junya Matsuyama