Premiere: Fuchy – Under Water ft. Lahva

Ever tried to drown your sorrows? Look no further than ‘Under Water‘, which sets its listeners adrift in a sea of melancholy and reflection. The electro-pop offering from enigmatic producer Fuchy features Lahva (one half of Ätna) who brings a disarming innocence in her vocal, coupled with a choppy, tongue-in-cheek writing style. The song is accompanied by a striking animated visual from Berlin-based collective Selam X who have worked on high profile campaigns for Nike, Adidas, Puma, C. Tangana, and Yung Hurn. ‘Under Water’ is the fourth single from Fuchy’s upcoming album Praliné, due to be releaseed November 15th on Kabul Fire Records.

In his sophomore album Praliné, Fuchy plays a different, less prominent role and lets others take the centre stage. This project is not about Fuchy and his story. It’s about women, their grace, their struggles, their allure, their voices, and their stories. It’s about them being an infinite source of inspiration. It’s full of soul and bittersweet at times. The result is a work that perfectly captures the zeitgeist, an album for men who have learned to listen and for women who are unafraid to be themselves.


One half of Ätna, Lahva is a 26-year-old vocalist with an expansive range in both style and linguistics. Whilst the singer’s strengths reside in jazz, she is unafraid to explore her styles from a minimalistic perspective to electronic contexts, push herself with her collaborators in experimental sounds. Lahva’s multilingual expressions further convey her creative and personal attitude, living true to her philosophy of embodying improvisation and adapting to change. Lahva currently resides in Dresden, East Germany with improvisation as her philosophy.

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