Premiere: Ligovskoï release atmospheric video series

‘Mana’ is the second EP by Ligovskoï, the most poetic and abstract band at DEMENT3D. The duo, between Bruxelles and Paris, has come up with five new pieces, bringing their craft to a whole new level. Their condensed and moving soundscapes are now heightened by narrative compositions and constructions. Their hybrid sound-design and detuned, infra-thin arpeggios now also integrate free improvisations and breathtaking, melodramatic moments. To accompany the release, Ligovskoï teamed up with Watanabé and Sebastien Bonin to create a series of breathtaking visuals.

‘Mana’ by Ligovskoï

The ‘Mana’ video was composed with photographs of the horizon and light reflections. By mixing these together we got the subtile yet dreamy effect.

‘Lethe’ by Ligovskoï 

A still frame of a beautiful rock shot in Iceland. Stillness puts people in some kind of a trance that fits very well with the hypnotic progression of the track.

‘Aures’ by Ken Watanabé

When we asked him to make the video for ‚ Aures’, Ken came up with this beautiful and poetic idea of picturing a dog’s dream. He layered shots so we get to see his dog running above the clouds, reaching for fullness.

‘Cross’ by Sebastien Bonin

Sebastien Bonin found some amazing b&w Super 8 films of an old word championship of swimming. The films have been colored by hand so that the video oscillate between abstraction and figuration. We loved the idea of people swimming and diving into colour.

Even if all 4 videos are different they each picture the atmosphere of the music perfectly and they somehow make an excellent match, which is why we wanted them to be seen all together.

Mana is out now via DEMENT3D