Press Play: Andrew Bayer ft. Alison May – ‘Immortal Lover’

‘Immortal Lover’ is the first single from Grammy-nominated Andrew Bayer’s hotly anticipated ‘In My Last Life’ LP, due to be released August 24th via Anjunabeats. With shuffling rhythms that owe more to hip-hop producer Timbaland than Tiësto, ‘Immortal Lover’ whispers of stalking ex-lovers from the beyond the grave through Alison May’s haunting vocals. A beautiful but twisted indie-electronica epic with a dash of trip-hop darkness. Bodies twist and turn under cloth as they strain to be closer in the official 6-minute masterpiece.

An artistic statement and a perfectly considered body of work, ‘In My Last Life’ owes very little to the dancefloor that Andrew is often associated with – instead, drawing its inspirations from influences as far and wide as Kate Bush, Atoms Of Peace, Aphex Twin and Talk Talk. Through its 8 songs, the LP plots an enchanting, carefully spun tale of love and loss – explored through the narrative prisms of reincarnation and immortality. Taken as one cohesive and beautifully constructed whole, the LP represents a journey that will surprise, stun and overwhelm those that submit to its charms – a truly personal masterpiece with all the musicality and detail that Andrew’s fans know and love him for.

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