Press Play: Bri Stauss – Famous

Introducing singer-songwriter Bri Stauss and her new track: FAMOUS! Bri first had the idea to write “Famous” after driving home from a very insulting and degrading conversation she had at a business meeting with a potential music manager. #playitonrepeat

The man told her that she was too old to do music, had lost her chance at becoming a star, and should just go back to school and have 10 kids. While driving home, the words “Gonna forget you when I’m famous” kept repeating in her head. That’s when she made the decision to turn a low point in her life into something fun and positive. She tried repeatedly to write it but kept hitting roadblocks. Then, about a year later, her life changed forever when she went on to win the first season of The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart which aired to millions of people across the world. After that, it seemed like a good time to finish “Famous” and ideas suddenly began flowing effortlessly when she went into the studio to co-write it with producer Justin Glasco.

They wrote most of it and took a little break in between recording vocals. During that break, Bri had a relationship and breakup that made her feel very similar to the way the music manager made her feel. That’s when she and Justin decided to turn the song into a breakup song because let’s be honest.. Who doesn’t dream of singing “Gonna forget you when I’m famous” to an ex that made them feel less than their worth? We hope you enjoy this fun and sassy pop song and that it empowers you to feel the strength to get back up again and not let someone’s opinion of you dictate who you really are.

Bri Stauss is a singer-songwriter living in Los Angeles, California. She won the first season of The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart in 2020 and continues her musical journey to this day. Her primary genre is pop but likes to step outside of the box by adding different elements to each new song. She loves to create, and being in the studio feels like home to her where she can freely be herself and bring her thoughts and feelings to life.