Press Play: Charles Fauna – ‘Another Good Person’

Director Wei Han reveals stunning visuals for Brooklyn-based songwriter, producer and performer Charles Fauna’s ‘Another Good Person’. “Another Good Person about the juxtaposition between loneliness and love,” explains Fauna. “It tells the story of a person wading through the fallout of a relationship who eventually decides they need to be the bigger person and apologize. Regardless of actual guilt. It’s a song that believes that despite the power of our connections we can never truly know someone, and that honest happiness is only possible on an individual level. To live well for others is to live well [in] oneself. Though sometimes this can prove very difficult.”

Director Wei Han, “I came across Charles’s music on Earmilk first about a year ago and immediately fell in love with it. For this short film of his new song “Another Good Person”, we came up with some music and film influences from the golden era of pop culture in early 2000s Asia such as “Adorable Lady”(可爱女人), “Tornado”(龙卷风), and “Peninsula Box”(半岛铁盒) by Jay Chou (周杰伦) and the 2005 Hong Kong-Japan film Initial D(头文字D). We also drew influence from this Asian convenience store culture where 711, FamilyMart, Lawson, Circle K, and Sunkus open 24/7. They are not just convenience stores for many people, your 3 am cigarettes, your nights not coming back home, or even the cashier girl you having a crush on… Convenience stores have really become a symbol of this relentless youth culture. Besides, we incorporated choreography into the film, which is very trendy right now in music videos of North America and Europe. Cashier girls may not be the most important people in this world, but they might have had some of the most memorable love… Check the film out”

Since his teen years, Fauna has been writing and recording albums by himself in his various home studios. After studying sociology at NYU he moved to Brooklyn to begin a career as a songwriter. Fauna’s sound is euphoric, colourful alt-pop which delves into themes like mental health, self-worth and existentialism. In his spare time, Fauna is an active composer for television and film. His debut EP ‘Eulogy’ was released in August 2018. ‘Eulogy’ was inspired by Fauna’s experience witnessing a fatal hit-and-run on his block in early 2017. It tells the story of a person trying to find beauty in the impermanence of life and solace in the love we foster with others. His first full-length record is expected for release in 2019.



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