Press Play: Crow – ‘Go’

Argentinian/American electro-pop artist Crow makes a bold statement with her visuals for ‘Go’. A hypnotic mixture of movement and colour, Crow faces her fears in the form of dancers entangling themselves with her limbs. “The video reflects on the meaning of the song: letting go of what doesn’t serve you to trust the mystery of the future,” Crow explains. “For me, this meant stepping out in bright colors and bold hair; letting myself embody a character I’ve strayed away from for so long. I used to be chained to muted tones and my long dark hair, so it was exciting to embody the vision and excitement of the song in my look.” As a first-generation American, Crow’s family upbringing was bilingual, adventurous, and creative. Being brutally bullied throughout her childhood and adolescence, she felt unsafe and rejected by her peers and the world. Crow began to lean on her art as if it was her best friend, eager to create an open dialogue with herself in which she could feel safe. Transforming her feelings into a platform of self-acceptance and a way to experiment within various art mediums, Crow strikes a deep chord in the hearts of her listeners.  

Directed by Victoria Innocenzi
Concept by Victoria Innocenzi & Crow
Art Direction: Crow
Director of Photography…Hunter Gulan
Producer: Crow
Editors: Chris Alessandra & Crow
Choreographer: Nadine Olmo & Maija Knapp
Wardrobe Designed & Created by Rachel Cerrato & Crow
1st AC: Adam Gharib
Lead Makeup: Shea Hardy
Makeup Assistant: Rossana Romero
Lead Hair: Kristen Hasselbach
Set Photographer: Amanda Adam
Dancers: Kyla Carter, Aahkilah Cornelius, Savannah Harrison, Frankie Orr

Crow continues on the video, “I went through a phase in my life where I was embarrassed to be colorful or “too much”, and wanted to stay safe in every way possible. Through the choices I made in my art direction, styling and makeup, I was able to overcome my fear that I couldn’t express myself unabashedly without it clouding the intention of my art.

When conceptualizing the music video for ‘Go’, I took to heart the opportunity to reinvent myself and push the boundaries of my comfort level as an artist. As my first visual expression for my project, Crow, I knew I wanted to challenge my own perception of myself.

This concept is also demonstrated in the custom made costumes. When my stylist/seamstress Rachel Cerrato and I set out to design the wardrobe, we chose to have clear vinyl pieces layered over flowing chiffon to play with this masculine and feminine dance. It represents my tough exterior finally letting my colors show.

My choreographers, Nadine and Maija, encouraged me to get clear about the symbolism in the video so they could choreograph the routines accordingly. The dancers represent my doubts and fears. They taunt me, confront me, and eventually grow with me. There’s a point in the video where there’s a decision we make to work together, and I think that’s essentially what it’s like in life. You allow your fears to hold you back from moving forward, waiting for the day they subside, until you realize you will never be void of fear. You have to make the decision to move towards your dreams and desires, utilizing the powers of your fears as strength to push through the seemingly impossible feat of leaving comfort for greater possibility.”

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Photos by Amanda Adam

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