Press Play: Elle PF – Can You Show Me?

I am in love with the new colourful video and single: Can You Show Me? by Elle PF. A re-make of Elle PF’s very first single written by original members Ranelle Labiche, Jenessa LaSota, and Katharine Seggerman. The video is directed by Los Angeles local Danin Jacquay aka Deathcats.

The song was inspired by the trio reminiscing on experiences they have had working in the music scene over the years, which largely include assumptions based on gender/sex.

“The assumption that you may not know what you are doing (leading to unsolicited mansplaining), the assumption that you don’t write your own music, the assumption you don’t play a certain instrument or play it well, and/or the assumption that you don’t arrange/produce your own music. I will sadly even add the assumption that you don’t play in the band at all! (One time a door person at a venue stopped me while I was carrying in my gear to the show and said “Sorry, groupies don’t get in for free,” and he wouldn’t let me in until my bandmates (all male at the time) vouched for me that I was actually in the band).

All these assumptions..seeming to be based on outward presentation and identity. This fun, feminist-inspired song approaches the subject with a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek flare!”

Song & Video Credits:

Directed by Danin Jacquay (Deathcats) @deathcats
Director of Photography & Editor: Paisley Zerr @paizeproductions
Makeup Artist: Bunny
Hair: Samantha Lepre
Production Assistant: Dagen Louis
Robot Stepford Wives: Valencia Free, Ranelle Labiche
Office Men: Patrick Sanderson, Andy Dexterity
Song performed by Elle PF
Written by Ranelle Labiche, Jenessa LaSota, & Katharine Seggerman
Produced by Ranelle Labiche
Mixed by Brett Bullion
Mastered by Huntley Miller