Press Play: Free Free Dom Dom – ‘Departure’

Our favourite French-Berlin-based-duo Free Free Dom Dom is back with a with a hauntingly deep take on techno meets indie dance: Departure. The song is officially release today via Canadian label Bishops Bloc Records. Departure comes with a synth heavy slowed techno remix by Fear The Priest. 

“This song reflects part of my journey and especially my relationship with music, which has been chaotic. Love & Hate.  Living one’s passion is not as easy as it looks. It’s a long and painful path. We always imagine success is gonna be so much fun, right? How come so many great artists end up their life in hotel rooms, overdosing to drugs or medication? (2 different words for the same thing. Only 1 is supposed to heal you and the other one to destroy you).  So yes I have been on a journey with music. It all started – too – well, at 17 I was signed by a major label in Paris, and it quickly turned into a downward spiral, when I fell in the hands of a big nasty powerful manager. It took me time to recover. But I quickly realised I had to not let anyone tell me what to be, or what to do.  Isn’t life some kind of joke anyway? Western society can soak you up and push you to suicide if you take life too seriously.
A few years later here I am, in Berlin, a city where I found peace and harmony.


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