Press Play: Grip Tight – ‘Get To Know / Dive In’

Grip Tight is the musical project of English producer and vocalist Benjamin Gregory. Signed to independent UK label Muscle Milk Records, he creates darkly atmospheric and layered soundscapes using antique drum machines with suavely manipulated vocal samples. His sound can be described as a hot piece of electronic, soul-pop which has recently sparked attention across multiple media platforms as it shines brightly onto the ever growing DIY digital musician scene.

His recent single release ‘Get To Know’ also see’s the appearance of fellow musician and long time friend – ‘KBY’ – singer and frontwoman of indie-rock band Peggy Sue, and member of the all female Deep Throat Choir collective. The single sets up a perfectly complimentary ying-yang vocal arrangement and foretells a tale of communication adrift with questions left unanswered and a romance struggling to define itself.

It’s accompanied by b-side ‘Dive In’, with both songs recorded in various locations across London and Berlin throughout 2017 and mastered by Dan Blackett at Grapefruit Studio. Gregory’s forlorn lyrics explore themes of intimacy and longing, and are often countered by playful synth drops and driving motorik rhythms to create hypnotic broken ballads and a deeply resonating sound.

‘Get to Know’ is released via digital download through Musclemilk Records and is the anticipated follow-up to his ‘Never Enough’ EP