Press Play: Jessiquoi – ‘The Addict’

Neon Ray Films and Australian producer Jessiquoi reveal the twisted post-apocalyptic visuals for ‘The Addict’. Setting the scene in a futuristic pan-Asian society where scavengers salvage and re-purpose old technology from decaying European states, the eclectic musician embraces full mad scientist mode, creating her own concoction of, what we can only assume is digital euphoria. Mushing together wild electronic beats with half-sang, half-rapped vocals, the musical nomad takes us on an all expenses trip: from North American pop to Teutonic electro (yes, that’s a thing). If you’re lucky enough to catch Jessiquoi in concert, then don’t waste a second to grab a ticket as the anime enthusiast has been known to travel everywhere with her handmade wooden wagon (that you can catch a glimpse of in the video) containing all of her most valuable accessories – including her best electronic equipment and souvenirs collected during her trips to Asia. The starry-eyed Jessiquoi will take fans of Peaches, Grimes and Die Antwoord by surprise.

Jessiquoi is Bern’s big secret that is about to get out. Originally from Australia, her beats flow somewhere between fresh electronica, world music and rap. Her vocals, colourful costumes and wild make-up embody a sheer and endless creativity. She combines these elements live on stage so effortlessly that you might do a double take at first. Her sound and performance are scratching that itch we all have for ‘that certain je ne sais quoi’ – or rather that certain ‘Jessiquoi’. And so her notoriety is building quickly, with performances in the Dachstock in Bern, the Fri-Son in Fribourg, many underground parties and her name on the program of this year’s Gurten Festival and Zürich Openair Festival, her reputation as the next big thing is starting to bubble to the surface. She certainly has ruffled the feathers of the local scene.


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