Press Play: Léo Lalanne – ‘Caïds’

Léo Lalanne debuts the first single ‘Caïds’ taken from his upcoming EP ‘Allen’. Directed by Christophe Ideal, the video reflects with accuracy the duality ‘Caïds’ expresses between hatred and desire. Following the release of his prelude ‘AMORT’ last year, Léo introduces with this new song what his identity will be going forward. Author and performer, he combines poetry with a musical and spoken retrospection. Each piece translates a unique approach highlighted through its melodious and visual composition.

Speaking of his upcoming album in a recent interview with Metal Magazine, Lalanne reflects, “Writing this first EP has been such a liberating experience for me; confidence or either courage to discuss the matters that I am evoking were not something that motivated me. I wanted this first piece, the songs, to reflect my youth, the griefs I experienced growing up. This had to be me, without any filters. I am not presenting a character to the public ear to listen to, it is me in the most honest form possible. Every song despite the heaviness of its words expresses hope at the very end; having a brighter horizon is also a truthful testament of the state of mind I am in from what I have been through in the past years.”

While living in London, Léo has written and directed a series of short films called ‘Spells of Deconstruction’, his first spoken word experience. ‘Nuit’ and ‘High’ were an eye-opener and left him wanting to have a more contemporary approach of the poetry. It is now with music that he is searching to transcend his words.

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Feature photo by Steaven David