Press Play: Margo Raats – Crying in the Taxi 

Capitalizing on the perfect moment, Belgian singer-songwriter Margo Raats reveals her new single, “Crying In The Taxi”. Known for her intensely expressive music, Raats made a memorable entrance with “I Wish I Was The Moon” and continued her momentum with “Night & Day”, amassing a combined total of over 130,000 streams on various digital streaming platforms. Continuously showcasing her innate talent, touching lyrics, and captivating vocal prowess, Raats is gathering eager ears for her latest release. She skillfully navigates her pop instincts and lyrical precision, while exploring the heavy heart of regret and contemplation amidst sombre tunes. For Raats, exposing vulnerability is a testament to her strength; her music becoming a refuge for solace and a channel for sharing her emotions. And while there’s a touch of sorrow in her tunes, she firmly resists being boxed in as a mere Sad Girl archetype, underscoring her complex personality and her ability to balance profound emotion with radiant vitality.

Speaking on the release, in her own words Margo humbly explains; “Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if we had a certain amount of I love you’s and sorry’s to give. I think words lose meaning, it’s hard being honest, in a world where no one is pure. 

“I’ve learned that love is more than joined shadows on the wall, it takes time to know someone, the better days of us was getting high and getting lost finding concord in the endless in-between”.  

Love makes me cry, in a way it also tells me I’m alive. I wanted crying in the taxi to be a celebration of crying and leaning in, that’s our duty on this earth to lean In. I wanted to be able to dance to the sound of letting go.  

“Cause this time it’s time.” 

Writing songs I often look for answers below the surface and between the lines but not with CITT. It was simple, a change in destination. For everyone who can relate to this, you should be proud + i hope you dance to it too.”

Even before Margo Raats made her official foray into the music scene, her presence was felt on the stages of prominent festivals like Barn on The Farm in 2019 and 2000 Trees in 2022. She even secured the opportunity to open for the Belgian music star, Berre, at a packed show in Brussels. Raats, who has performed alongside artists such as Liam Bailey and Tom Grennan, graced Norway’s Vill Vill Vest industry festival in November 2023. As we await the release of her new project “Paper Paradise,” her latest single “Crying In The Taxi” is a captivating preview of the expansive aural experience that is to follow.

Raats officially stepped into the realm of music with her initial single “I Wish I Was The Moon,” which received a warm reception and repeated airplay from Jack Saunders on his BBC Radio 1 ‘Future Artists’ show. It also garnered attention from Jess Iszatt of BBC Introducing London and earned spots on Spotify playlists such as ‘New Music Friday BE,’ ‘Fresh Finds Pop,’ ‘Fresh Finds’ (#4), and ‘I Walk Alone.’ Her follow-up, “Night & Day,” nestled into an array of playlists including ‘New Music Friday’ for Belgium and the Netherlands, ‘Fresh Finds UK&IE’ (#10), ‘Fresh Finds’ (#8), ‘Fresh Finds Pop’ (#3), ‘Easy,’ and ‘Alt/Pop.’ With this momentum, “Crying In The Taxi” is poised to stimulate an even greater buzz around Raats’ rapidly rising star.

Margo Raats’ formative years unfolded amidst the scenic beauty of a Belgian ranch, where her fertile imagination ripened under the musical canopies of Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac. These sounds nurtured a knack for storytelling in Margo that would eventually find voice in her own musical compositions. It was not uncommon to find her playing guitar next to her father or experimenting with painting and fashion design, yet her true essence shone brightest when she channeled her feelings into songs. “I tend to improvise my songs spontaneously,” Margo reflects. “I just take a seat and let my emotions pour out in the form of music.”

At the tender age of 15, Margo took a bold step towards self-education, seeking recognition far from her small-town roots. London, with its embrace of diversity, offered the acceptance she craved. There, she quickly gravitated towards a circle of like-minded musicians and creatives. Striking a balance between arduous restaurant shifts and soul-baring open mic performances, Margo sharpened her artistic abilities. Experiencing a sense of true freedom while on stage, she felt her spirit soar. Attending the distinguished BIMM Institute in London for songwriting, Margo caught the discerning eyes and ears of the music industry. Her demos ignited the interest of DJ and radio presenter Phil Taggart, leading to a fortuitous collaboration with producer Dan Hylton. Together, they carefully crafted her debut EP, imbuing it with both intimate nuance and professional finesse.

Margo Raats embodies authenticity and charm, and her aesthetic allure is undeniable. As she translates her personal journey into heartfelt, universally appealing music, her trajectory as an artist is one to watch, promising an anthology of songs that resonate deeply with listeners everywhere.

Photos by @evapentel

Crying in the Taxi is out now: