Press Play: Mel 4Ever – ‘She Culture’

Hot off the heels of performing with Ayesha Erotica and co-headlining with RuPaul’s Drag Race star Adore DeLano this summer, Mel 4Ever is making her boldest statement yet with the hyperpop electropunk single, ‘She Culture’, off of her long-awaited sophomore EP She Culture Pt. 1. Produced by Jack Hoffman, Gabe Simon, and UMRU, Mel’s lyrical prowess shoots to new and thrilling heights with a genre-bending song she describes as her “understanding of womanhood/trans-womanhood through external forces.”

Co-written by Mel and Tor Miller with vocal anti-trans commentator J.K. Rowling in mind, ‘She Culture’ is an abrasive track, leading to a chorus that is both melancholic and euphoric–a signature combo in Mel’s wide-ranging discography as she continues to capture the joys and fears of living as a trans woman in the 21st century through groundbreaking pop music. The song intentionally uses harsh sounds on the verses as she reclaims anti-trans talking points with lyrics like “I’m a monster, DNA imposter,” building up to a cathartic falsetto-laid chorus: “something ain’t right with me, something ain’t right with me” as she chants the words “she culture, she culture.”

Aren’t we all under the eye of misogyny? Why are we fighting against each other when we could be banning together? ‘She Culture’ is for anyone who has felt scared walking into a room full of cis men. It’s for people who second-guess if they should walk alone at night. It’s for people who have hated themselves, and the people who haven’t figured out why they hate themselves.

‘She Culture’ is placed as the second song on She Culture Pt. 1 set for release this September, following the intro track ‘JK Rowling,’ (produced by UMRU). Mel says, “Through the intro ‘J.K. Rowling,’ you learn about how my innocence was taken from me…how it was violently ripped from me, and thrown back into my face. Quite literally. And by the time the intro finishes and we begin into ‘She Culture,’ the anger sets in and the monster is created.”

Mel describes She Culture Pt. 1 as “the mark of a new age in pop music…It’s trans rage and focused power. It’s my personal introduction to the industry.” Previous singles from the project include her fastest growing single, ‘Go Bitch! (feat. Fraxiom)’ and ‘Big League Chew (feat. Linux and BABYNYMPH)’ both hailed as a “Best New Track” by NYLON, Queerty and INTO.

Mel will headline and close out Bushwig Festival in New York City on September 9th, perform as the opening act on Alice Longyu Gao‘s “The CEO Tour” across the East Coast, and perform at Elsewhere in Brooklyn on September 19th with Chrissy Chlapecka.


‘She Culture’ is out now