Press Play: Mulay – „IVORY“ EP

The singer-songwriter, who lives in Berlin, combines elements of neo-soul, trip-hop and R&B in her music. Her musical idols are FKA Twigs, Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys. Grammy Award winner Che Pope discovered the 25-year-old on Instagram and invited her to a studio session in Los Angeles – she has also collaborated with Moglii and Tender Games. Mulay is a singer who creates spherical sounds with the warm sound of her voice. 

In a few days, Mulay will also go on a “Between The Shades” tour with a date in Berlin (October 13th at Badehaus).

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The new EP “IVORY” is a song cycle that touches on both darkness and light. Recorded together with Rick Vincent Will and LLUCID (SEE ME) in Berlin, “IVORY” can be understood both as a continuation and as a counterpoint to their past work. If ANTRACYTE represents darkness and reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, IVORY represents the light itself and the shadows that inevitably fall within it. In terms of content and sound, “IVORY” allows an even more intimate insight into Mulay’s divergent emotional world. It’s about letting go, about a painfully honest confrontation with one’s own weaknesses and toxic patterns, but also about the will to overcome them and the knowledge that one is on the right path.