Press Play: Ultraflex – ‘Olympic Sweat’

Ultraflex sprint into action in their new video for ‘Olympic Sweat’, out now on Berlin-based label Street Pulse (Jae Tyler, Linda Fox). The band, consisting of Norwegian vocalist Farao and Icelandic lyricist Special-K, create athletic Soviet disco-inspired party-tunes – topped off with visuals directed, styled and post-produced by themselves. ‘Olympic Sweat’ is an appetiser for what is yet to come from this new sensation, an instrumental introduction to a fully formed concept, soundscape and visual identity. Phew – I’m pretty out of breath just watching these two!

Ultraflex’s debut album, set to be released on Street Pulse Records in 2020, is the result of an international commissioned piece the duo composed for Extreme Chill & Insomnia Festival 2019. The music can be described as a cocktail of contemporary disco and futuristic boogie, topped with vocal performances inspired by bands such as Easter, Saâda Bonaire and Janet Jackson.

When they play live, moving images largely borrowed from 80’s soviet aerobic television programs are projected in the background. Between playing synthesizers, lifting weights and singing, the pair performs exercises in synchronisation with the visuals, oozing flamboyance and jest.

Stream/download ‘Olympic Sweat’ here:

Photos by Margrét Unnur Guðmundsdóttir