Psychedelic Odyssey

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial curated by Aditi Bhosle, Mrinmai Parab and Shraddha Shetty. The models are Vedant Rao and Pratham Suvarna. The shoot has successfully captured a visual journey through the vibrant and mind-bending world of psychedelia, interpreted through a contemporary fashion lens. “Psychedelic Odyssey” showcases a fusion of temperamental postures, bold colours, and unconventional silhouettes, drawing inspiration from the psychological perspective associated with psychedelics with a modern twist. Each carefully curated look encapsulates the spirit of the mind’s journey, experimentation, and self-expression, inviting viewers to interpret each stage independently.

“Our collaborative team of talented creatives, including photographers, models, stylists, and makeup artists has meticulously crafted each look to embody the essence of a psychedelic journey. The editorial features ethereal fluorescent colours, iridescent fabrics, and avant-garde styling techniques that evoke a sense of surrealism and wonder. Incorporating immersive yet plain backgrounds complimented by innovative lighting, “Psychedelic Odyssey” aims to transport your viewers to a world where fashion, art, and storytelling intertwine harmoniously.

Through this editorial, we hope to inspire your audience to embrace their unique identities with fearless creativity and boundless imagination. The completed editorial is a testament to our shared commitment to showcasing cutting-edge fashion and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. We are confident that “Psychedelic Odyssey” will resonate with your viewers and leave a lasting impression that sparks curiosity and ignites the imagination.”


Creative Director: Aditi Bhosle Instagram: @aditi_work
Photographer: Mrinmai Parab Instagram: @mrinmaiparab
Stylist: Shraddha Shetty Instagram: @thenextdoorstylist
Assistant Stylist: Aditya Goyle Instagram: @adityagoyle
Hair and Makeup Artist: Gargi Karmakar / Instagram: @gargikarmakarmakeup
Model: Vedant Rao Instagram: @oyevedant
Agency: Root Artists Instagram @rootartists
Model: Pratham Suvarna Instagram: @praddywerk
Not represented by any agency*

brands: Siddhant Agrawal Label: @siddhantagrawallabel
Huemn: @_huemn
Maheka Mirpuri: @mirpurimaheka
Sreegokul Viswanath: @sreegokul_
The Source: @thesourcebandra