PSYCHOSIS hit the cyber-realm with his performance for IMVU’s debut virtual festival ‘Spirit World’. Created and produced in by @spirit.twin and @ari.url, Spirit World offered 3 days worth of dream-like worlds, acts and looks that reached the beyond.

How/what was Spirit World?

Well… firstly.. amazing. I recently played my first virtual festival. Spirit World hosted by IMVU and Spirit Twin. IMVU is the largest online metaverse and social game of nearly 6 million users where players can customise their 3D avatar, explore a multitude of virtual worlds and connect with people from all over the globe.

Over the course of three days, this unique musical experience brought 50+ musicians together on 6 otherworldly stages with headliners including Pussy Riot and Hannah Diamond. The goal is to usher in a possible new age of digital performance while empowering artists and the community at large! You can check out the stream @

What real-world festivals would you like to play if there were no COVID?

ULTRA worldwide would be the dream. I’ve been a few times and it’s pretty mega. DC10, THE LABYRINTH in Japan and Primavera Barcelona. Awakenings, Contact Munich / any / all with a vibe and I’m there.

How would you describe your music?

The album I’m working on is pretty heavy but contrastingly euphoric too. #PSYCHOSIS. It really will wake you up. There’s a lot of metal in there and.. a lot of atmospheres.

Did you mention an album?

So, I’ve been working on the album for a while now and I can’t wait to birth this baby. My ears are bleeding. I recently released my first official track ‘XENOGLOSSY’ available to stream on SoundCloud. Over the next months, I’ll be working with IMVU and @ari.url to create a visual. Super exciting. Creating this has been a mad one and it’s been a proper throw-back to my angsty youth. I can’t wait to create the visuals and release the rest of the album. 2021 should be looking a bit better in that sense.

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