Punk Kart Park

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Sara Oblivion. Model is Nina Traversi signed at Fabbrica Milano. Styled by Domenico Diomede. Make up and Hair by Gaia Grassano.

The Story

Elimino la differenza tra uomo e donna.
Ho dato all’uomo la scioltezza e la morbidezza della donna e alla donna l’eleganza
e il comfort dell’uomo.” *Giorgio Armani

Taste, art, trends are created to give freedom of expression and to excite the audience, using garments, materials, patterns, volumes and accessories, indifferently for him and for her. Each of us has a male and a female component, a particular sensitivity, a more or less imposing strength, a graceful or more dynamic and casual movement.
Each one of us is a special and unique living being, just like great works of art. each one of us has a story to tell, and it would be boring to listen to the same events over and over again. each one of us has a personality to admire.

A color is for everyone, a material belongs to everyone and a design reaches everyone, breaking down the barriers of dated stereotypes that we carry with us from past generations, imprisoned by pressures and labels rather antiquated.
One can feel male, female, both or neither. A gender that can also be changeable, fluid: the distinction between males and females and, consequently, between “male things” and “female things” collapses. It becomes an unsuitable cliché to represent today’s society. The spokesperson for this desire for freedom of expression is our generation and helps us to understand the nuances of change, in the claim of the right to live without labels.

Words by Beatrice Giovanozzi @beatricegiovannozzi_

Photography by Sara Oblivion / Instagram: @saraoblivion
Styled by Domenico Diomede / Instagram: @diomede_domenico
Make up and Hair by Gaia Grassano / Instagram: @gaiamua_
Model is Nina Traversi signed at Fabbrica Milano / Instagram: @this.is.nina / Instagram: @fabbrica.milano

Brands used are:
Gucci @gucci / Louis Vuitton @louisvuitton / Glissade @glissade / Cigcola.inc @cigcola.inc / Nazareno Gabrielli @nazarenogabrielli_official / Mabash @mabash_ / Falke @falke / Young @young / NA-KD @nakdfashion / Double D @doubleD / Davide Scotta @davidescotta / Coco D’Este @cocodesteitaly / YOUWEI @youweiofficial / Coliac Official @coliac_official / i.jiji @i.jiji_offcial / Mukzin @mukzin_offcial / Cristina Cucinotta @cristina_cucinotta / CTRL+Z @ctrl_________z / Alice Baggio @alicebaggio / Cesare Paciotti @cesare_paciotti) / Supreme @supremenewyork / Calzitaly @calzeitaly / Giulio Veronese @giuliovveronese

“I am a 22 years old, graduated in product and communication design. Since I was just a kid, I liked to dye my hair different colors, what I like is to be “different” from others. I was born and raised in a city where you are always judged, so my main goal in life is to break every mental limit and every barrier. My way of breaking those limits? Photography. I started shooting at the age of 14, it was one of the many ways that helped me to express myself. For many years I have worked with my old camera, a Canon 1100D. Only a year ago I changed photographic equipment but I am the literal meaning of the phrase ‘the camera does not make the photographer’: the thing that distinguishes all of us is our sensitivity, and if you know what you want to tell, and express, you will get excellent results even when shooting with older photographic gear.” *Sara Oblivion