A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial and film. Photography and Art Direction by Julia Dimitrova. Models are Isabella Corái and Luna Stothe. Styling by Naira de Almeida. Makeup by Carlota Faleiro. Our surroundings are often what unlocks the inspiration within. Ruins from centuries ago, lost and forgotten gardens, golden stories hidden in the alleys, faded pages and dancing queens. Capturing a present moment in the past and a blooming flower into dusty grounds.

The editorial is shot on analog and digital, in one of the royal residences of the Braganza dynasty, which Queen Maria II chose as a home, located in Lisbon, Portugal. The photography work is accompanied by an experimental video, leaving us with some open ends and a room for free thoughts.

“I’m a Bulgarian photographer but a kid of the world. Jumping from a place to place with my arms wide open. What I love to do with the way I create, is to transmit a feeling. Even better if this feeling is completely different in each spectator. This is also why I write short texts with some of my works. Sharing what has sparked in me after I see the photos or, other times, what was the thing that made me chase that idea. Magic always hides itself in the simplicity of life.”

Photography and Art Direction by Julia Dimitrova / Instagram: @julieewildd
Models are Isabella Corá / Instagram: @coranecchi and Luna Stothe / Instagram: @lunastothe
Styling by Naira de Almeida / Instagram: @naicami
Makeup by Carlota Faleiro / Instagram: @carlotafaleiro_makeup
Assistance by Quezia Valardino / Instagram: @qvalardino

Brands used are:
Moralis @Moralis___ / Ahcor @Ahcor_lab / Niica Store @niica_store / Bourdoir Thrifts @bourdoir_thrifts