Queer Youth by Fabio Le Fanu

Fabio Le Fanu is an Italian photographer, based in Paris since 2015. After moving to Paris, he further delved into his practice by beginning to take portraits of queer youth, while also working as a freelance photographer. In search of a more political and social approach to photography, he started studying the body of his queer models. By trying to obtain an intimate vision of his models’ bodies, his nude photography strives to showcase the multifaceted aspects of each subject, leaving sexual connotations aside.

“It’s in 2015 that I decided to transform my passion for photography and my interest for the body in an instrument to represent the diversity of my community. The celebration of hyper-masculinity is very strong in our society and in the gay world as well: for this reason I began to focus my work on the expression of femininity in men and in the queer community. “Queer” is an umbrella term used to describe a broad spectrum of non-normative sexual and gender identities and politics in open opposition to society’s binary vision o things: a minority in a minority. Before every shooting I take some time to connect with the person in front of me, so I can better focus on the human and emotional aspect. My work has to be done with an open and sincere communication to better see the person in front of me. Finally, I think is important to desexualise the body to focus on the fragilities and the details on the opposite side of the camera. Through this work, highlighting the other, I also learned to better know and love myself.”

Instagram: @fabiolefanuphotography