Reborn by Gemma Bartrés

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Model is Andrew Jiménez signed at Mot Management Bcn. Photography by Gemma Bartrés. Make up & hair by Abril Horcas. Styling by Ingrid Conesa. Fashion by Carmen Martínez, Paola Molet, Ingrid Mako, Noel de Chavez and Stuki.

“I’m Gemma Bartrés, a fashion photographer from Barcelona. I always loved telling stories through pictures and video since I was little as means of expression. My photography explores with color lights and different textures and layers. In this editorial, I wanted to achieve a fantasy and unreal look to explain a story about a boy transforming his body into an alien. We can see each stage of the transformation through make up, lights and clothes.”

Photography by Gemma Bartrés / @unfotogramadevenus
Model is Andrew Jiménez signed at Mot Management Bcn / @drewless_18 @motmanagement
Make up & hair by Abril Horcas / @abriiil_mua
Styling by Ingrid Conesa / @ingriid_cm
Styling assisted by Celia San Clemente / @_celiasanclemente
Photography assistants: Natalia Ayala / @nnatalia.ayala Rita Salgado / @ritz.shoots

Brands used are: Carmen Martínez @carmenfdesign / Paola Molet @paolamolet_ / Ingrid Mako @ingrid_mako / Noel de Chavez @noel_dechavez / Stuki @denid.stucki