Recall by Burak Kaçi

Burak Kaçi is a photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey. “Recall how often in human history the saint and the rebel have been the same person”. The Saints is a part of Kaçi’s personal project Freak Mythology. This mythology has many characters that combine the aspects of a saint and a freak. It is a long story to be told, just like the conventional mythologies. In this particular chapter, the contrast between the characters delves into the constructed idea of gender in mythological and religious narratives. A KALTBLUT exclusive. 

Photography Burak Kaçi
Instagram: @boowashere
Models Uthman Bangura ( @uthmanbangs ) & Lisa Simonoğlu
Styling Masks and Headpieces designed by Burak Kaçi
Space Tuhafier Best, Burak.