Reflection of our space

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography & set design by Johann Kööp. Model is Nordi signed at ECManagement. Make up & hair by Marta Płatkowska. Styling by Paulina Wasążnik using Magdalena Wilk – Dryło & Wioletta Podsiadlik, Labellamafia, Bola by Ola Bajer, The Court by Julia Fusiecka, Doom3k, Marta Ruta, Monika Świderska, Krystian Szymczak, Edyta Jermacz, Mateo & Palazzo, United Colors Of Benetton, Mango, Zara, Stradivarius, Raid, Noq by Knittex.

There are so many possible sources of influence in an urban environment, one might wonder if our individual is rather a reflection of the space. The urban sphere constantly imposes expectations and sets of social rules. It could be perceived as a set of limitations, but it could also communicate seemingly endless potential. ‘Reflection of Our Space’ explores a playful mix of the two. Learning from the various perceived limitations to achieve a state of peace and happiness. However, the seemingly successful path to comfortable living is always interrupted by the same reflection that once fuelled it.

Photography & set design by Johann Kööp / Instagram: @kanaliha
Styling by Paulina Wasążnik / Instagram: @mydstylist
Make up & hair by Marta Płatkowska / Instagram:
Model is Nordi signed at ECManagement / Instagram: @nordi.s  @ecmanagement

Johann Kööp is a visual artist from Estonia, currently living and working in Coventry, UK. Working across multiple concepts and mediums, Kööp is reflecting on collective and individual experiences with communication in the complex contemporary world. The work is informed a great deal through personal encounters and observations, which turns into a playful clash of subjectivity and objectivity.

Paulina Wasążnik is a freelance worldwide stylist and art director from Poland. Graduated both Education Through Art and Fashion Studies. Passionate about making well thought out styling, unconventional ideas and producing fashion projects.

This story is a result of the international cooperation of these two people, which was created in Warsaw, Poland.