Reflections by Daniel Lathwesen

Fashion and Dance Short Film

Berlin-based Art Director Daniel Lathwesen just created this new piece. Reflections is a production of Offenblende Film & Photo Agency. The film celebrates the empowerment of black women of the past and the future through the powerful movements of the dancers and the words of Suzy Kassam. Lathwesen worked in a team with Bastian Kempf and Richard Tintelnot, who was responsible for the title design and graphic effects.

“After completing the production of “Fashion Fruit”, I was looking for another way to narrate a fashion story. With the first Covid lock-down that started in Berlin, I suddenly had a lot of time to research for inspiration for a new project. I found this lovely poem by Suzy Kassam, an American poet with Egyptian roots which really touched me. I wanted to work with a pair of twins for that project and we were able to win over Azza and Azama Bashir for the production. Both are trained in classical and modern dance. I think this decision was probably the most important one to create a successful connection between text and image. We also received support from Kraatz Studios Berlin and the actress Enya Elstner, whose memorable voice rounded off the project.”


Director & Concept  Daniel Lathwesen
Instagram: @daniel_lathwesen  I
DOP & Co – Director 
Instagram: @bastian_kempf I
Production Offenblende – Agency for Film & Photo I Instagram: @offenblende_agency
Models Azza & Azama Bashir
Instagram: @izaiomanagement  I @azamykins I @azza.bashir
Soundmix & Recording Kraatz Studios  
Instagram: @kraatzstudios
Voice  Enya Elstner  
Instagram: @enya_elstner
Titeldesign & GRFX  Richard Tintelnot 
Make Up Palmira Ruben
Instagram: @beautypalmira
Hair Lisa Marie Spiller
Instagram: @lisamariearts_
Team Assistant Elisabeth Oeljeklaus
Instagram: @elisabethoeljeklaus

Styling American Vintage, Vertere Berlin
Instagram : @vertere_berlin
ersterutsche Jewellery  
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