Returning to the source

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography and Cinematography by Vanessa Marino. Photography and Fine Art by Mira Varg. Styling by Monika Jauneikaite. Model is Pascal Ball @Viva Models Berlin. Make Up by Artur Galeno. Brands are Versace Jeans, Hugo Boss, Filippa K., Seen By Chloe, Vivetta, Jaded London, Molly Bracken, Twisted Tailor, The Ragged Priest, NA-KD, Topshop, Jack & Jones Premium, Uncommon Souls, Designer Maria Lopez Echeverria, Asos Design, Sweet deluxe, Vaacodor, Dr Martens, Lili Sidonio.

“We are a multidisciplinary art collective based in Berlin formed by three women originally from Colombia, Lithuania, and Slovakia.  The purpose of this project was to convey our different background knowledge through fashion photography. These backgrounds include filmmaking, fashion design, cinematography, sculpture, and fine arts.

Our work lends itself towards an exploration of genderless, androgynous, hermaphrodite appreciation, or the thin line between feminine and masculine beauty. 

With both feminine—yin— and masculine—yang—power in our movement, we keep the circle rolling.  This exploration coincides with us playing with the gender of clothes combined with surrealism elements. These quotes emphasise what we want to express in our images:

The body just falls away

There’s  no ego left

To hold it together

That’s the rule of the game

Once I had taste of the universe.. Where we were all one

Fashion Stylist: Monika Jauneikaite / / @jauneikaite
Photographer/ Cinematographer: Vanessa Marino / / @vanessamarinooo 
Photographer/ Fine Art : Mira Varg / @miravarg 
Retoucher: Felipe Cavada Ramirez / / @felipe.cavada
Make Up: Artur Galeno / / @arturgaleno
Model : Pascal Ball / @Viva Models Berlin / @pascalball
Quotes inspired by Be Here Now by Ram Dass