Riverbed Stories by Mandy Williams

Mandy Williams is an artist working with photography and video. She lives in London and is interested in the social dynamics arising from contemporary culture – particularly how personal identity is affected by environment and how our social and affective lives interconnect.

Riverbed Stories 12_Mandy Williams

“Riverbed Stories is a photographic series that documents the polluted riverbeds beside the industrial area of Erith, South London and Dartford, Kent. The black and white images focus on the mattresses that lie semi-submerged in water and abandoned in the grass along the banks.  They are objects that remind us of past intimacies and human presence, traditional domestic symbols transplanted to a contemporary landscape. The short video and the photographs aim to communicate the environmental destruction that is happening along this river.”

Riverbed Stories 14_Mandy Williams Riverbed Stories 21_Mandy Williams Riverbed Stories video capture 1_Mandy Williams Riverbed Stories video capture 2_Mandy Williams Riverbed Stories video capture 3_Mandy Williams Riverbed Stories video capture 4_Mandy Williams