Rodrigo – A Short Movie by Cille Sch

Cille Sch is a visual artist, performer, and director based in Berlin. Cille explores in her work the topic of toxic masculinity and challenges the patriarchal order by questioning gender identity and social roles. In her two previous videos, Cille shares the story of two queer people who talk about femininity in a provocative and ironic way. This time, Cille came together with the photographer and editor Vigdis Erla to create “Rodrigo“, a biographical fiction where the protagonist talks about their own fear, hope, and idealization of a society without these gender norms.

«“You’re not strong enough. You’re not masculine enough. Why are you not behaving like a man? “

‘ I had the opportunity to work already with Rodrigo for my second video « The mean apricot » and felt like focusing on their character to make this short film. By sharing their own experience on the topic, the script came naturally and became very intimate. I am glad the film ended up being so authentic and honest and I hope it can be inspiring for other people too who may encounter similar experiences or questionings. I am also glad to share a reality behind the idealization. The film is shot in Berlin and talks about the protagonist’s experiences in the city. As much as Berlin is seen as open-minded, the question of gender identity, masculinity, or femininity is still current.

“ It is time to change. To Transform. It is time to be, to just be. It is time, to be honest, to be caring. To be gentle, to be soft. Be proud“.

Directed by Cille Sch and Vigdís Erla.
DOP X Editor Vigdís Erla.
Art direction X Set design Cille Sch.
Stylist Isabella Rudzki.
Talent Rodrigo Zorzanelli.
Music composition and sound design Sebastian Böldt.
Colour Alvaro Gallego

Cille Sch : / @cilleschcille
Vigdis Erla : / @vigerla
Isabella Rudzki : @isabellarudzki
Rodrigo Zorzanelli : @rodzorza
Sebastian Böldt : @nostique
Alvaro Gallego :