Roman in Rome

Roman Valynkin is a Russian Photographer and Gender Fluid Model based in Tbilisi, Georgia. In his art Roman tries to rediscover the Masculinity of Queer and Non-Binary Youngsters in a post-Soviet Reality. ‘My Goal is to tell the Stories that Provoke the Public Eye and inspire people to broaden their mind.

This Series called “Roman in Rome” is a collaboration with Italian photographer Giovanna Gavotti. It was created to translate Vibrant and Eye-Catching Image of what does it mean to be Queer these days. While working on this project, Roman and Giovanna were greatly inspired by Gender Fluidity and Diversity of One’s Authentic Selves.

Model is Roman Valynkin
Instagram: @bold__and__young
Styled by Roman Valynkin
Instagram: @bold__and__young
Photographer is Giovanna Gavotti 
Instagram: @giogiugav