Rone releases mind-bending video for ‘Room With A View’

‘Room With A View’ is the title of a show built on the collaboration of the collective (LA)HORDE, the French electronic music producer Rone and the Châtelet Theatre in Paris, which took place in early March 2020 initially for 10 performances. Although the show was stopped in the middle of the week of performances due to the measures imposed by the Coronavirus health crisis, the first performances were a public and critical success, which today opens the doors to a diffusion outside the doors of the Theatre and abroad. This clip brings a fresh look at the choreographic piece ‘Room With A View’, an independent work that also retraces the origins of the project by literally crossing the piece in a dancing tornado. 

Completed during the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, the video directed by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer & Arthur Harel of (LA)HORDE begins as a retelling of the live experience of ‘Room With A View’ and the backstage reality of the Châtelet Theater. But something changed in our world this year. Chaos is making its way to the safety of our homes, our families, our way of life. The dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille are swept away in a storm — they will have to find a way to work together, to recontextualize their relationships in order to survive. Along with our heroes, we dive into uncharted territory: hallucinatory digital effects alter our reality beyond recognition — we step from present to future. 

RONE © Jérôme Lobato

Accompanying the video release will be two remixes of ‘Room With A View’ from different sides of the world: a slow churning, analogue version by the illustrious experimental duo Plaid from the UK, one by the young talent KMRU from Nairobi, Kenya. His remix focuses on the ambient, emotive side of the Rone piece. 

Rone’s new album ‘Room With A View’ is out now on InFiné Music: