Sunglasses by Topshop Waistcoat by Charli Cohen

SACRED (UNDER)GROUNDS! Photography by Morgana Andrade

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Morgana Andrade. Models are Max Croes signed at First Models Agency and Linus Karp signed at Tomorrow is Another Day Agency. Styling by Martynas Stirneckas. Make up by Bruno Dinora. “I’m a Portuguese photographer based in London, I’m currently finishing my degree on Fashion Communication at Middlesex University and doing freelance in photography and film. I’m interested in the process of creating an image through different techniques and using unorthodox means to achieve a specific result – experimenting and deconstructing as a way to tell a story and get involved with the subject. I draw most of my inspiration from my own personal interests on Cinema, specially the 80’s, 90’s and horror movies aesthetic, History, the Occult, Archive Photography, Wild Nature and Rave Culture. ” – Morgana Andrade

Blazer by Chin Menswear
Shirt by Asos
Shirt by Asos
T-Shirt by John Lawrence Sullivan

Shirt by Asos
Coat by Zddz
Chain Necklace by H&M

Top by Asos
Trousers by Feng Chen Wang
Coat by Asos
Sunglasses by Asos
Belt by Topshop
Boots from production
Jumper by Xander Zhou
Trousers by Feng Chen Wang
Trainers by Nike
Jacket by Zara
Choker by H&M

Photography by Morgana Andrade / Instagram:
Styling by Martynas Stirneckas / Instagram:
Models are Max Croes signed at First Models Agency / Instagram: and Linus Karp signed at Tomorrow is Another Day Agency / Instagram:
Make up by Bruno Dinora / Instagram:


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