Saekdong: Multi-stripes

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photograph by Jihoon Jung. Model is Min K. Styled by Sung Ju Lee. Lightning Operated by Hyosuk Kim. Fashion by Darcygom. Accessories by Dian Textile.

The traditional 5 colors of Korea are yellow, blue, white, red and black. The name for this special stripe combination is called “Saekdong.” This was the theme for the outfit and the custom accessories.

Photograph & Retouching by Jihoon Jung / Instagram @hoon.ja
Model is Min K / Instagram @kyung961218
Styled by Sung Ju Lee / Instagram @darcygom
Lightning Operated by Hyosuk Kim / Instagram @zzaru_photographer

Clothing by brand Darcygom
Accessories by Dian Textile