Safari Urban by Julien Nonno – A surprising vision of the Parisian wildlife

Found on the internet! “My last work Safari Urban is a series of photographs featuring animals redesigned and projected on facades of buildings through an embedded video-projection system. A clever mix of street-art and video-mapping!” says artist Julien Nonno. I love this!!!!! Julien Nonno is a visual artist and founding member of Le3 creative studio, his works essentially articulates the interaction of his creations with the architecture and urban elements surrounding him. This process has successfully brought numerous artistic projects to completion, combining Street-Art, kinetic installations, digital creations and Video-Mapping. Showing the desire to see his works in the street, he developed his own tools allowing him therefore to project his creations in any location that inspires him.

La Biche et l'Ourang-Outan PARISIAN-WILDLIFE4__880 PARISIAN-WILDLIFE3__880 Le Buffle de la Chapelle Les Chiens de Doudeauville Le Cerf de Becquerel L'Aigle du Mont-Cenis PARISIAN-WILDLIFE11__880 PARISIAN-WILDLIFE10__880 PARISIAN-WILDLIFE5__880 Le Tigre des Amandiers Le Guépard du Tertre Le Lion des Trois Frères 18-Le_lemurien_de_montmartre-1024x683Contact: