Saints of the City

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and production by Santiago Guerrero. Styling by Mateo Laguna. Models are Muiska, Carrizal, Juan Felipe Osorio (Paniko), Angel Dumile and Jeff Scareface. Make Up by Angie Caballero.

“I am a photographer, filmmaker, and audiovisual producer based in Bogota, Colombia. I started to explore the medium of photography while I was living in NYC, where I spent most of my 20’s. After moving back to Bogota, I used photography as a way to reconnect with the city and its people.

I think one of the most interesting and attractive qualities of a person is his fashion style, you can learn a lot about peoples’ personalities and mindset based on how they dressed. What I aim with my work is not only to capture the sense of fashion and aesthetics of those I photograph but also the originality and individuality that they emanate into the world.

“Saints of the City” is a collaboration made between the three local brands that showcase the talent and style of the city and produced by me.

The main inspiration for this project is the exploration of ideas like gender expression, childhood nostalgia, and freedom, under the influence of Bogota itself. This is a very urban and tough place, with a lot of edge, so I wanted to be loyal to those qualities.

The models that participated are rap singers and artists from the hip-hop scene of Bogota. I love how they embody the energy and attitude of the young people who are growing up here.

I hope with “Saints of the City” people from other places can see the talent and work from the art scene of Bogota.”

Photography and productión by Santiago Guerrero @santy__gg
Styling by Mateo Laguna @ojocambiado
Make Up by Angie Caballero @sxnchores
Production Assistance Nicolas Navarro @nicofitall
Models are
Muiska @muiska_777
Carrizal @c4rrizal
Juan Felipe Osorio (Paniko) @_paniko_
Angel Dumile @angeldumile
Jeff Scareface @jeff_scareface

KNL / Zthetik @zthetik / Arder @arder_co