Samuel E by Le Luka

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Cape Town, South Africa. Photography and grooming by Le Luka. Styling by Karen Kwalie. Model by Samuel E from Fusion Model Cape Town. Brands used are ZaraMen, Trenery, Levi´s, Therealcrystalbirch, Country Roads, Panaga, and Ivy park x adidas.

“There are just so many rules in this life we’re living. Some of these rules help make us better people while others aren’t really applicable to certain lifestyles we have.

Like the rules of Fashion. Which helps distinguish between what men’s and women’s fashion entails! 

It’s pertinent to note that while these rules may apply in fashion, fashion has always been a daring affair. Some people break it. Others make statements out of it. 

Every man and woman who has had access to learning fashion has had experiences, good or bad.

This boils down to “what works for Adam, might not work for Ben” or “what is considered fashionable to Alice may not be applicable to Bella’s fashion senses”.

 But, really, is there anything as Bad fashion?

Or is it just the perceptions and opinions of people who work in fashion?

Because if we are being honest everyone is entitled to their own self-expression in fashion and everyone is entitled to their own opinions of what they consider fashionable. 

Being dressed in high fashion brands. Or commercial brands, or every day ready wear even vintage or couture fashion!”

“These are all attributes and various classes of fashion. It all depends on what the consumers can afford and how they wish to express themselves and communicate to us via fashion. 

Gone are those days when men were restricted to certain ways of appearance. Suits. Tie. Cooperate wears. And what brands to wear to be considered fashionable. 

The newer generations have grown in adopting versatility in fashion!

From the choice of brands to use in styling themselves to putting on skirts, skinny jeans, dresses, leggings, nettings, hats, lipstick and makeup among others.

 Men’s fashion has moved forward, leaving behind the stereotypes it used to uphold.

 And with the acceptance of androgynous styling and clothing, men have reinvented new ways to express themselves while they still evolve. Irrespective of gender labels brands and styles.

Men are no longer shy of colours or showing skin to be considered sexy. 

As menswear becomes even more rich and varied, even more, experimental and abundant and trend aware. In moments of self-doubt, it helps to have a valuable fallback to wear what works for you!

 And try not to conform to the traditional rules of fashion that society has set for us to follow. 

I say let’s be allowed to use fashion as a tool of self-awareness, self-expression and self-discovery!”

Photography and grooming by Le Luka / @le.Luka
Styling by Karen Kwalie @kreativekollusioninc
Model by Samuel E from Fusion Model Cape Town @sirbryanedward
Location Cape Town South Africa

Brands used are Zara @zaraman Trenery @Trenery Levis @ Levis Therealcrystalbirch @therealcrystalbirch Country Roads @countryroads Panaga @panaga Ivy park x adidas @ivypark