SAUVAGES! By Benjamin Tejero

KALTBLUT presents: SAUVAGES by Benjamin Tejero. SAUVAGES, through the association of images and words, tries to question nature and sexuality. Inspired by l’Inconnu du Lac (Stranger by the lake) of Alain Guiraudie, SAUVAGES, in natural scenery allows to see a short story, that of two men who meet. 

An adonis walks and observes 
All wild wolves in the cedar forest 
A proud snake sits, twists and then rises 
Flawless impudence, however it indifferent 
When arrives the great male, salt-and-pepper hair 
Ideal musculature, mounts the sap. 
Follow the seductive boy to his lair 
Lying on the ground, to please him 
Flesh unfolds, beneficial caresses 
Bestial body, let him do 
The bodies twist and then release 
Bye tender looks, disturbing atmosphere 
The time is no longer to romance, leave and remain silent 
Everyone on his way, in a contrary direction. 
They get lost

“I’m a French artist/illustrator and I live between Paris and Prague where I founded with 3 other friends Bubahof, a collective of artists which organizes events, including screenings, exhibitions, workshops and tasting sessions which enable guests to gather, share and discuss. I have in my work an editorial practice that is articulated around briefs of lives, mine or those of people who I meet. The challenge for me is to make readable to an audience all these testimonies, these stories I collect, to find them a graphic form.” says Benjamin Tejero