UDK Graduation Show 2016 – One To Watch: MUYAO ZHANG!  UDK’s design department invited Berlin’s fashion world to their graduation show. The annual happening, held at Estrel Hotel, surprised us with some amazing designs. One of my favourite collections comes from the young designer MUYAO ZHANG! The young and talented designer unveiled an all black collection. All items are so well made. Congratulations! I am in love with her work. Have a look by yourself!

“I pulled the curtain, turned off the light and closed the door. Standing in the dark, my mind became active; the flood of nothingness that engulfed the whole world was thus blended – it was black.”

schau16_udk_2016-0126-1239 schau16_udk_2016-0125-1232 schau16_udk_2016-0124-1211 schau16_udk_2016-0123-1190 schau16_udk_2016-0122-1162 schau16_udk_2016-0121-1148 schau16_udk_2016-0120-1134 schau16_udk_2016-0119-1115 schau16_udk_2016-0118-1106 schau16_udk_2016-0117-1090 schau16_udk_2016-0115-1045 schau16_udk_2016-0114-1033 schau16_udk_2016-0112-0992 schau16_udk_2016-0111-0975 schau16_udk_2016-0110-0961 schau16_udk_2016-0109-0947

“You are a part of me.”