Scylla by Mariano Vivanco

Mariano Vivanco photographed the cover story “Scylla” for issue one of King Kong magazine. The editorial is styled by Nicola Formichetti with hair by Franco Gobbi, makeup by Maki Ryoke, manicure by Mar Y Soul, and prop styling by Todd Wiggins. Cast by Drew Dasent, the story features models Aaron @Click – Kevin Thompson @Bmg – Turner Barbur @Fusion – Cierra @Elite – Sahara @Elite – Mark MacEachen @Unite – Trevor Signorino @Request.

 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-03 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-04 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-06 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-08 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-10 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-11 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-13 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-14 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-15 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-17 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-18 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-19 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-20 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-21 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-22 Scylla-Vivanco-Homotography-KingKong-01

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