Sdíliště (The Sharing Place)

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Matěj Procházka. Creative Direction & Styling by Tereza Ravera. Models are Adalbert Knobloch, Jana Jenšíková, Jiří Pospíšil, Lenka Peprníková, Terra, Usukhbayar Batbaatar, Zey Guey. Makeup by Kristina Kovalyova.

Tereza Ravera, Born in Prague, Czech Republic, is the last year student of fashion styling & creative direction at Istituto Marangoni in Florence, Italy. She has developed a particular taste in fashion through deep research behind concepts and trends. She likes to contaminate styles and ironize fashion, life, and society through editorial stories.

“Sdíliště is the name created for this High Street Fashion Housing Estate (Sídliště) Editorial, and it means “a sharing place.” It focuses on the Czech Republic and my life there. Since I started elementary school, I was jealous of my best friend living in the housing estate, going to school there, and having friends/community next door. I spent some part of my childhood there with her and her friends. I have created my housing estate community for a day by this editorial. They laughed, and they danced. It was a lovely day.”

Creative Direction & Styling by Tereza Ravera / Instagram : @rafferina
Photography by Matěj Procházka / Instagram : @matesproc
Models are Adalbert Knobloch / @a.dalbertt , Jana Jenšíková / @jensikovejjan, Jiří Pospíšil / @jirkapo, Lenka Peprníková / @pl3nga7, Terra / @____terra, Usukhbayar Batbaatar / @real_osko, Zey Gueye / @liminalz_
Makeup by Kristina Kovalyova /Instagram: @bebikmua

Fashion Brands used are Cyber Dog @cyberdog, Dior @dior, Eytys @eytys, H&M @hm, Knedlo Zelo Wear @knedlozelowear, Merr Fer @merrfer_thebrand, Lauren Perrin @lauren.perrin , Max Mara @maxmara, Moon Boots @moonboot, Prada @prada, Princess Tiramisu @princess.tiramisu, Rageuphoria @rageuphoria, Tereza Silon @te_silon